John Brawley testifies

John Brawley is a cinematographer, working mostly on long form drama and episodic Television. He kindly accepted to answer few questions

Could you introduce yourself in a few words ?

I began my career shooting many of Australia’s most beloved TV series including the acclaimed PUBERTY BLUES, and the first six seasons of the award winning dramedy OFFSPRING and the well-known UNDERBELLY series.

Then, I relocated to the US from Australia to shoot the USA drama series QUEEN OF THE SOUTH starring Alice Braga. The first two seasons of FOX’s medical drama THE RESIDENT immediately followed and other recent credits include the Fox pilot GONE BABY GONE for director Phillip Noyce and the Syfy/UCP series HUNTERS for producer Gale Anne Hurd.

I just wrapped the London based series for Hulu/MRC, the period drama THE GREAT starring Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult. The series premieres on May 15, 2020 on HULU.

How did you discover Ruby Light’s products ?

I was recently working in London on THE GREAT and I happened to have a day to be able to attend the BSC show for the very first time. As I was walking around the floor of the show I spotted in the corner of K5600 LIGHTING’s stand the Boa light. I was immediately attracted to the Boa because for a long time I’ve kind of made my own versions of this light, using regular rope light, but here was now a much better version.

How did you use them ?

By having the LED’s embedded in fabric they are very lightweight, they can be very quick and simple to use.  The built in magnets make them very fast to hand on a stand if you don’t like the simple hanging position to loop provides. Shaping the light is also just as fast, using once again the ingenious magnet based light modifiers.  I can quickly change diffusion or use solids to shape the light in a few steps.

Having such a small footprint and being so very lightweight means you can easily hide them and they are very flattering on talent too.

What did you like ?

Ruby lights are really unique because the quality of a light that you can change by simply manipulating the position and therefore the size of your light. If you coil it up it’s a smaller source than if you spread it out. I can customize the actual shape of the light ! I often like to have half the light hang vertical and then the other half is then horizontal ! All done in a few seconds on a single C stand held in place by simple magnets. It’s so simple and fast.

What I really love is the idea of a light that can change shape and size !

Could you have had the same results otherwise ?

It’s very hard to mimic what Ruby lights can do because it can be so well customized to each setup. You can quickly add modifiers for lighting and change the light quality and all in such a small package that is very easily hidden when you need to.

In which case do you think they are the most useful ?

I think they have a beautiful quality as a key or supplemental key light in a close up. I like the way I can shape the light to a persons face, you can actually mould it to be the shape you want.

Something you would have liked to find on it ?

DMX ! I know you already know this. Also, interested in other diffusion materials.

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