Our masks

Follow AFNOR and IFTH recommendations and filter more than 90% of 1µm particles on expiration and inspiration (category 1 masks)

Are equipped with a nasal barrier (exchangeable and removable) to be properly placed on the face

Can be washed 40 times (certification by the DGA)

Are really comfortable and adjustable (do not go up on the eyes, do not scratch, stay in place, limit fogging on glasses and have very good breathability)

Are robust (equipped with a securing stitch before folding)

Have colorful labels or rubber bands to avoid confusion

Are available in 2 sizes (adult and child)

Are made in France with materials only from the Grand Est region


Child Size

5.50 € incl.

Adult Size

5.80 € incl.

Why do we make protective masks?

Faced with the shortage of masks in spring 2020, the Châlons-en-Champagne municipality launched a tender to local businesses. From fabrics they provided, we had to manufacture hundreds of masks per week intended for the CCAS teams, in particular for home meal delivery. With an on-site workshop and an experienced seamstress to which were added other ones recruited for the occasion, we naturally embarked on this adventure.

Our first masks designed for the Châlons-en-Champagne municipality

Based on this experience, we locally looked for more effective materials to manufacture protective masks with real filtration capacity against Covid-19 and machine washable . This is how a manufacturer of lighting for the cinema now offers category 1 protective masks .


Our friends at Nestor Factory offer a rental and laundry service around our masks, don't hesitate to call on them !