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They revolutionized the location equipment rental by drawing on the expertise of former unit production managers and developing everything they would have liked to find on their shoots. Their credo, well thought and practical gear in line with a responsible approach : coffee beans machines to avoid the countless capsules usually used on a shoot or with the Racoon , a compact cart allowing reusable cups to be washed and dried (no more excuses for keeping the use of disposable cups) and many other products that make the work of unit production team more pleasant and "green" ...

Does it ring a bell ? With a similar approach, Ruby Light and Nestor could only become partners . So when it was necessary to update their ingenious make-up mirror to integrate an intensity and colorimetry controller with digital display, we intervened.

True technological feat, this dimmer combines high technical requirement (sharp settings and accurate display) in a simplified user interface (two knobs : color temperature and intensity), thus meeting all the needs of users of Nestor Mirror.

Nestor Mirror is the first triptych LED makeup mirror designed, manufactured and assembled in France. Its height advantage gives a more generous field of view and illuminated LED strips have been added to the doors to provide more consistent lighting for the face. Particular attention has been paid to the origin of its components and their environmental impact. Using a designed, prototyped and mass-produced in France dimmer, fits completely into this approach. This controller is integrated into Nestor Mirror V3 since 2019.

With their strong presence on feature films sets, Nestor Mirror now exports internationally and interests new sectors such as advertising or fashion.

Ruby Light équipe les glaces maquillage NESTOR avec des leds sur mesure et un dimmer développé pour l’occasion.

Du design au software, le dimmer est complètement conçu par Ruby Light et MADE IN FRANCE.