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Photo : Ariane Damain Vergallo

Nous avons imaginé des goulottes lumineuses sur les pourtours des plafonds dans lesquelles plus de 80 mètres de rubans de LEDs allaient être déroulés. Après plusieurs consultations auprès de fabricants de ce type de rubans (Ledbox, Exalux…), Guillermo Grassi, de chez Ruby Light, m’a proposé de développer son principe de Boas sur de grandes longueurs, ce qui m’a permis d’obtenir un bon rapport d’IRC et de luminance sur du blanc dynamique.


Agnès Godard

Je les ai utilisés dès le premier jour (…) et cela a vraiment été concluant. Ils m’ont d’ailleurs sauvé la mise souvent. Ces rubans de LEDs sont simples à installer, légers, malléables, faciles à régler en intensité et en couleur et très fiables ; surtout équipés d’une diffusion adéquate et savamment froncée. Cela donne une lumière poudrée sur les peaux, la douceur recherchée.



Behind Ruby Light, there is Guillermo Grassi. As a director of photography, he felt the need for light, easy-to-install LED lighting that quickly produced soft light. He decides to create it, it will be the Boa. From evolution to evolution, the Boa attracted the attention of professionals and in particular of the AFC which invited Ruby Light to present it on a "hack" stand at the Micro Salon in 2015. Available in rental companies, now member of AFC, Ruby Light is supported by renowned directors of photography who do not hesitate to take a stake in the capital. The Boa is exporting internationally (Latin America, Europe) and in 2017, the famous French manufacturer of the Joker among others, K5600 Lighting, chose to distribute Ruby Light products. Always in search of the ideal product, our team, also regular users, keeps on improving the Boa by developing it (new control box), accessories and declining it in other formats.

AFC member

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Ruby Light was created and developed by its own users

Our ambition is to make the work of film crews easier by designing light, flexible and practical lighting.

Robust products

We manufacture with the best components, the best fabrics and guarantee excellent resistance to heat, water, fire, crushing and tearing.

Ruby Light is a made in France brand

From design to production, everything is done in France by promoting local knowledge.

An environmentally friendly approach

Our LED lights consume very little energy and Ruby Light has the Ecoprod label.

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